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Clivage for Christofle_Round Bowl_JinSik


Collaboration with brand Christofle


Silver, Granite and Marble

Rectangle Bowl

W 240 x H 87 x D 460(mm)
Round Bowl1

Ø 311 x H 87(mm)
Round Bowl2

Ø 260 x H 180(mm)


Mass production

Photo by Cedric WidmerNicolas Genta

             and Emile Barret



In 2013

The starting point is to have a strong contrast between silver and another material. So I tried to find out how to stand the simple silver container folded. I decided to use a geometrical structure like crossing a heavy material over the folded silver. And then it’s able to function as a container with a good contrast between a light material and heavy one. It can be recognized easily by people because of using the basic shapes like triangle, circle and square. And I want to show the possibility of the materiality with various stones. It can be produced conveniently. First is to build up the simple ordinary shapes and to cut the silver container following the size of the stone. Second is also to make a rectangle in a heavy stone with an intagliated part to fit the edge of the silver. Finally, the main advantage of the design is that it’s possible to use simple shapes and structures diversely.

Clivage for Christofle_bowl 1_dark.jpg
Conceptual Photograhpy of Clivage in cla
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