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Supported by Total Mable 


Marble, Stainless Steel

Wave for six


Wave for four


Wave low 380


Wave 430



Limited edition of 3 + 2 AP

Photo by Neulhae Cho


In 2017

You can have special experience to play a ping pong on the blue ocean as a normal pingpong table has blue. There is a simple and strong structure made of marble and metal by using only shape and characteristic of the materials, no any jointers. The marble having strong patterns like stone under the sea is on a metal box to support weight of marble top. Metal and marble make strong contrast in shape and texture as marble has curve line and metal has straight line. The marble structure give experience to explore a cave under the ocean. There is a net made of marble having shape of waves with a sense of rhythm which give you mood of appreciating marble sculpture. Simplicity is the most essentials part of the collection.

Wave 컬렉션은 푸른 바다 위에서 탁구를 치는 듯한 느낌에서 영감을 얻어 디자인한 테이블 겸 탁구대이다. 대리석의 매끄러운 표면과 아름다운 자연 패턴을 강조해 물 속의 작은 동굴을 들여다보는 듯한 인상을 표현했으며, 파도의 움직임을 닮은 조형물 겸 네트와 함께 구성했다. 대리석을 금속 프레임 안에 끼워 넣어 볼트와 접착제 없이 대리석, 금속 판재로만 안정적인 구조를 이루도록 만든 것이 포인트이다.

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