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Shadow Edge

Collaboration with su:m37


Glass, Mold-injected plastic


Art direction, Graphic design


Limited edition


Jieun Lee

In 2019

This project was carried out with LG Household & Health Care's cosmetics brand Sum37. The special edition was designed for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the birth of Secret Essence. The start point of this project is to emphasizes the texture of natural stone that the artist explores interestingly. Totemism, that people built stones up and made small towers for wishes, is expressed in modern constructivism. you can be delight in it with a visual image that highlighted like the natural texture of the stone and contemporary patterns under a microscope.

이 프로젝트는 LG생활건강의 화장품 브랜드 숨37도와 진행한 것이다. 시크릿 에센스 Secret Essence 탄생 10 주년을 기념하며 스페셜 에디션을 디자인했다. 작가가 흥미롭게 탐구하는 자연석의 질감을 강조한 아트 디렉션 작업이다. 돌을 쌓아 작은 탑을 만들고 소원을 빌던 토테미즘을 현대적인 구성주의로 표현했으며, 현미경으로 돌의 내추럴한 질감을 들여다 보는 듯한 시각적인 이미지를 덧입혔다. 

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