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Collaboration with brand Charles Schambourg


Ash and Woven leather

Standing type

W 220 x H 245 x D 70 mm
Jumping type

W 305 x H 175 x D 70 mm




In 2013

The starting point of my project was “tactility” because the advantage of it is to have various textures by organizing the spacing or thickness of the leather. I would like to show not only the beauty of the patterns but also the diverse surfaces. You can play with a variety of tactility in the toy with special woven leather. I used recycled woven leathers for small wings, which were used to make a big furniture or interior as a recycled material. The texture of the toy reference the animal’s skin in the real world because the skin’texture changes on different parts of the animal. The last word is that the wooden penguin can fly with the leather wings.

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