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Collaboration with brand Baccarat


Crystal, Metal tube, Styrofoam and G9


Table lamp

W200 x H195 x Ø100mm
Wall sconce

W150 x H195 x Ø100mm
Ceiling lamp

W200 x H195 x Ø100mm



Project with Manuel Netto Amaral

Photo by Milo Keller and Nicolas Genta


In 2013

When Crystal met Brass is a story about a tube profile and a crystal piece that came together to build a family lamp. At the beginning of the project, what the company wanted to show is the beauty of the crystal. So it has a raw hexagon shape in crystal which came from iconic of Baccarat as well as having a different pattern inside which makes the mood rich. Actually in type of a normal crystal lamp, the lighting source is usually on the top or at the bottom of it because it’s logical and reasonable. But I think that a good luxury object has to be with humor and imagination. So It is a range of lamps, like spotlights, allows you to steer or position the light as you like. A simple tube is encased in the crystal shape to allow total freedom as a handle.

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