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Bubble Vehicle

Collaboration with FRAME magazine


Foaming aluminum


Visual story


Wonho Seo

In 2017

In the future, a designer need to collaborate with material engineers to find different way of production for the vehicle. There are too many components for building a vehicle now so car brands focus more on understanding how to produce a vehicle efficiently consisting of less components. A car is one of most influence about environmental issue when they are produced or work. 

It is efficient to make structure and surface of the vehicle by using foaming aluminum. The single vehicle made of foaming aluminum is lighter and more compact than others  because the material functions as a surface and structure of the vehicle at the same time. It will be new challenge to formulate a different volume of the vehicle filled with empty space and aluminum. Light weight allows people save energy and control the vehicle easy on the ground or the sky in the future. Car brands will recycle the aluminum after scrapping a car to new vehicles. Usually, the vehicle works alone but the vehicle can connect to others when you have a partner. There are a lot of options to reflect people taste for buying their vehicle through various texture or color. 

Key words

Foaming aluminum, Single vehicle, Light, Surface=Structure , Texture, Recycle 

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